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Growing your Business ... Building the Case, Making it Happen

4BusinessGrowth - Building the Case, Making it Happen

We are experts at building, improving and implementing your Business Case, to leverage your Growth Opportunities. We have solid experience, built up from numerous practical examples, conducted under the most challenging circumstances, across multiple industries. Have a look at our services and contact us for your immediate support.


Interim marketing management

We are a network of B2B marketing managers, each with 15+ years multinational experience, operating at the highest possible level of professionalism. We have a broad industry experience in sectors ranging from electrical, trade, energy, transport & logistics, financial services, equipment leasing & rental, graphics, specialty chemicals, paper & packaging and on.

We are flexible and available for immediate support, should you need us.

We invite you to contact us for any support you may require. Results are 100% guaranteed!

Product launch improvement

More specifically, we cover the ever critical topic of product development and subsequential product launch. Having dealt with this for many years ourselves, we know how cumbersome the process of developing the right product for the right audience at the right time, can be for most B2B-organizations. Because we are external specialists, we do not have to take into account the internal challenges you do have - we are fully focused on the result and we have a track record.

Again, do not hesitate to contact us and give us the opportunity to explain how we approach things and make things happen for you.

Lean Six Sigma

Besides supporting you with operational and managerial B2B marketing challenges covering the entire marketing mix including the latest knowledge regarding multi-channel marketing, social media and others, we also provide support in introducing or implementing the Lean Six Sigma concept. We have certified Black Belts in our network that are immediately available to support you in many ways. This can be through direct project management or through rolling out training programs or simply by providing an in-depth presentation 

Contact us to hear about possibilities, on fixed, flexible or interim basis.

Case examples

We have conducted many cases before you contacted us. These have all been documented for you to explore and buid the required trust and understanding before you engage with us. Most examples can only be shared based on a signed NDA. Let us know your case and we'll look into possibilities to share a suitable case example and get you started.

White papers

We have a library of free of charge content available on typical topics you'll be struggling with. Send us your request and we'll either turn back to you with an offer or refer you to a standard white paper describing a typical case where you can read how we solved it. Based on that, you'll find it easier to judge to what extend you trust our knowledge and expertise.

Where did we gain our experience?

Our consultants have worked for companies active in the European manufacturing and financial services industries across Europe, ranging from small and medium sized enterprises to the largest possible industrial conglomerates. So we know both sides, from the smaller more agile type of organizations where professional resources are mostly scarce, to the multi-matrixed performance cultures where opportunities are abundant but internal resources are rarely aligned for efficiency and effectiveness.

Examples of companies where we gained our knowledge and experience are principally Emerson Electric Corporation, Wabtec Corporation, General Electric, GE Capital, Avery Dennison and many more through the network of marketing managers and operational excellence experts. We can mostly get you in touch with subject matter experts within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry.

This experience is now available to you to tap into, in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We are simply here to help you. Our business model is based on delivering performance as a sales tool for further projects. So we take risks to go the extra mile and satisfy you, and use your project as a reference for further acquisition. And if possible, we'd like to return to you for future projects, because you remember our performance from the past.

So, we have a wealth of experience. Now, let us know how we can help you.

Examples that we can typically help you realize ...

Here’s a few very good growth options – wouldn’t you like to do them all? … ‘tomorrow’?

  • Expand - enter that geographical area where you  have a low share
  • Grow share - add field sales resources to grow share in that area where you’re leading
  • Innovate – develop and launch that new product your key customer is asking for
  • Drive profit - increase price and charge an additional premium
  • Grow volume - decrease price in return for volume
  • Promote - launch a campaign to generate leads and get sales to follow up